Upcoming Collection: Japanese & Shinto

We are excited to have begun work on a new collection that focuses on Japanese culture and Shinto design patterns. Since design school we have always been interested in Japanese patterns and artistic influences. Bringing elements from eastern cultures into textile design is something we really enjoy!

What’s Shinto?

Old School. Shinto is an ethnic religion in (predominately found only in Japan). It’s hard to say when it first started as written records of it only date back to about 700CE. However, there are references dating all the way back to 300BCE and earlier! The influence of Shinto can be seen in almost every faucet of Japanese life still (even including government structure).

An example of Shinto design is best shown in Heaven’s Gates (also know as Japanese Gates or Torii). These gems are scattered throughout the country (both urban and rural) and are often a symbol used for Shinto and Japan as a whole. We are looking forward to exploring tile patterns and artistic influences in particular.

Taking Off

And what better way to explore the world of Japanese design than to go to Japan. Today, a couple of us fly to Tokyo for a 2 week adventure! We are looking forward to seeing both urban and country side Japan, the amazing food, and the incredibly kind people. Watch our Instagram, we’ll be posting snapshots as we explore.

When Can I Buy?

Soon – early May most likely. We will be designing new leggings as we travel. Once we get back in late April, we’ll be working with our suppliers to get this new collection available ASAP. Join our mailing list if you’d like to be notified when they are ready. As well, we will be sending a discount for this new collection to our mail list subscribers.

Have you been to Japan? Maybe you’re from Japan? Any particular design element from Japanese or Shinto culture you’d like to see on a pair of leggings? Let us know in the comments below.

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