Save Big With Weekly Deals

Savings on leggings?!?! Yes, please! Every week we throw a pair of leggings on sale in an effort to make some of our top sellers available for everyone. Here’s how you can get in on the savings each week.

How Weekly Sale Work

Every Tuesday, we rotate our weekly sale to feature a popular set of leggings. Check back each Tuesday morning for a fresh set or join our mailing list for early invites. Our weekly deals are featured on pretty much all of the pages on our site and looks a little something like this…

Weekly deal screen shot!
Save Moar More!

These on sale items can be combined with any of our ongoing coupon promotions. This includes coupons that are made available when we initially launch a collection (see the recent Space Leggings Launch) or are sent via our mailing list.

Mailing List Perks

When you join our mailing list, you’ll receive a 10% off discount just by joining. Further, every Monday we’ll send you an update as to what is going to be on sale for the coming week.

Further, we push coupons and other savings to our mailing list members on an irregular basis. These types of savings are usually in the forms of limited time coupons (with a limit amount of users that can claim them – first come, first serve).

Are you getting in on these Weekly Deals? What print of ours would you like to see on sale? Let us know in the comments below.

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