Leggings Myths Debunked

There is a lot of misinformation online these days. And leggings are not exempt from popular myths. These myths and false-hoods spread like wildfire in our social circles (and have only gone into hyperdrive in online communities). This post aims to put a few myths about leggings to bed once and for all.

Leggings aren’t pants.

Well, leggings cover the lower half of my body with tight fitting fabric… that sounds an awful lot like pants. Truly though, individuals that are eager to dismiss leggings as pants have missed the mark. They are too busy prescribing what they feel people should wear that they don’t realize how offensive this kind of stance can be.

Want to wear leggings as pants? Do it, they work great. And the right set of leggings can be very versatile. For example, a simple change of shoes can really change the overall style of an outfit.

Your options for footwear are limited.

Leggings are a great canvas to use in your wardrobe. They can be highlighted and accented with the right pair of shoes, too. Looking for a more casual look, try some sneakers or flats. How about a more dressed up, sophisticated look? Grab those heels ladies.

The perfect pair of leggings are those that you can wear in many different styles and settings. Use your shoes to change it up!

Leggings Aren’t For Plus Size Women.

Screw off! The idea that some people cannot wear clothing is insane! Absolutely insane! Body shamming in 2017 is ridiculous. Women should and will wear what they feel.

To project your own style and limitations onto someone else only shows the lack of power you have over yourself. Embrace the idea of different bodies and shapes: we are all human and can make decisions as we see fit.

How about you? Have you come across common myths in the leggings world? Any that we haven’t listed here? Let us know in the comments below.

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