Leggings for Everyone: International Shipping

Leggings are for everyone no matter where you live. When we first launched we had a few hurdles with our international shipping options. That changes today. We are pleased to announce we are able to ship Legs.li leggings to all corners of the globe.

International Shipping Details

Legs.li’s high quality printed leggings can be shipped, at a reasonable rate, to every country in the world. When you order a set of leggings you can expect…

🕐 Shipping sent within 3 days of purchase
🇺🇸 USA: 3-5 business days
🇨🇦 Canada: 5-10 business days
🌐 Globally: 10-20 business days

📅  Tracking Numbers: All of our shipping services (say for one) offer a shipping tracking number so you know when your package will arrive.

📦  Size Doesn’t Matter: No matter how many leggings you order, they will all arrive at the same time; whether a single pair or 10 pairs of leggings.

⏎  Returns: If you are unhappy with your leggings, the wrong size, or they were delivered with damage send them back to us and drop us an email. We’ll be sure to set things straight.

Celebration Sale

We are thrilled to be able to offer premium, sexy leggings to everyone. So excited that we’ve expanded our usual sale items to include some heavy hitters and top sellers.

Let us know what you think about the global shipping, and as always feel free to drop us a line.

Please note: due to international trade embargoes, we are unable to sell to Cuba, North Korea, or Iran. While Cuba and Iran might be available soon (depending on political climate), we cannot forsee a North Korea coming to international markets anytime soon.

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