Leggings From Deep Space

We always dreamed of making our own space-themed leggings collection. We started Legs.li because we are in love with leggings; can’t get enough of them and especially ones with incredibly unique, one of a kind prints. A common motif in the types of leggings we couldn’t find were leggings from space.

We’ve made that dream a reality and have started rolling out Space Leggings today. We will continue to push out new space designs as they become available to us for shipping.

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First Batch of Designs

The first set of designs to roll out feature many wonders from deep space. Nebulas, The Milky Way’s Arms, shooting stars, meteors, and more. Here are a few highlights from the Space Leggings collection we are very excited about…

Let us know what you think of the first batch of designs and we’ll be sure to post more designs as they are ready. 🖖

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