Introducing The Abstract & Textures Collection

We are pleased to announce our newest collection: The Abstract & Textures Collection. Leggings in this new category feature incredible material textures, paint abstractions, and more. We will be adding to this collection on an ongoing basis and is set to be one of our larger collections yet.

Painted Proper

A few of our leggings feature worn and weathered paint abstractions. These prints really come to life with a pair of dark shoes or top. Here’s a couple of examples…

Grafitti Influence

Speaking of paint, we also looked to graffiti artists for influence. This section of the collection is still in it’s infancy but here’s a preview of what we have so far…

Material Textures

Often common textures can have a very cool look when photographed in a certain way (and printed on a high-end fabric). We looked to simple, everyday materials for patterns and prints. Here’s one of our favourites…

We will be adding more going forward – are there any particular textures or artistic influences you would like to see on your leggings? Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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