Durability: How to Make Your Leggings Last Longer

You’ve just got a new pair of rocking leggings! You want to make sure they last forever, or at least as long as possible. What can you do to extend the life of your leggings? Here are some simple laundry tips that will help stretch their life span.

The TL;DR Version

Skip the dryer and opt to air dry your leggings instead.

Read the laundry label for any special care instructions.

Spot wash when you can instead of a complete wash.

Limit the amount of washing if possible.

Dryers Are Evil

We love clothes dryers because they save a huge amount of time. But when it comes to most leggings, you should skip the dryer and opt to air dry your leggings instead.

This is due to your dryers ability to damage the fabric at a microscopic level. The lint in you lint trap is what is slowly being taken away from the fabric. Over time this damage can add up and usually shows first when leggings start to loose their elasticity. It is a death by 1000 paper cuts kind of deal.

Laundry Care 101

That longer label inside most leggings will outline any special laundry instructions. These are typically in cryptic icons or super tiny print. Taking the time to look at this label, even if you are positive on how to wash them properly, is worth the hassle. Improperly washed (or dried) leggings will quickly lose their elasticity or print.

Speaking of those cryptic icons on the laundry instructions tag, we found this handy legend for deciphering them. (And we are massive Wikipedia fans).

Spot Washing

Often times a complete wash of a set of leggings is over the top if all you have is a small food stain or similar. Spot washing helps limit the amount of complete washes your leggings go through.

We like to think of each pair of leggings only having so many washes in them throughout their lifetime. By limit the amount of washing (where you can, please wash them if they are smelly) you can extend their lifespan. And added bonus to this tip is you save on money and help the planet a wee bit by not consuming as much electricity, water, and soap.

Embrace the Inevitable

Everything ends, and this includes your favourite pair of leggings. Some day, no matter how well you care for them, you leggings will bit the dust. The good news… there are always more!

By extending the life of your leggings, you get to enjoy that rocking set a bit longer. How do you ensure your leggings last? Any tips or tricks up your sleeve? Let us know in the comments below.

Discussion Durability: How to Make Your Leggings Last Longer

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